The nature of the boring tooling business had changed greatly in recent years and the focus of Rigibore’s business has moved in line with customers’ increasingly demanding needs for productivity results and move towards automation. Subsequently Rigibore’s focus has been on the development of high-tech tooling products such as ActiveEdge and Smartbore.

The company’s focus on product development has led it to take a different sales strategy for the UK market and we believe that working with a nationwide distributor with an extensive reach and a good technical sales team is the best way forward.

For some time now Rigibore and Fenn Tool have been working closely together to develop the UK business for Rigibore products with growing success and in order to further grow that business and to better serve our customer base, Rigibore has decided to appoint Fenn Tool Ltd as its primary distributor in the UK market with immediate effect.

Fenn Tool Ltd

  • 44 Springwood Drive
  • Springwood Ind Est
  • Braintree
  • Essex
  • CM7 2YN
  • Tel: 01376 347566
  • Fax: 01376 550827
  • Email: sales@fenntool.com
  • fenntool.com

Rigibore will be contacting its existing customers to inform whether this change affects them and what this change will mean.

If you are not an existing customer please contact Fenn Tool and the head office will be able to put a regional contact in touch with you although our team of engineers are always here to offer technical support and advice on using Rigibore or whether we can offer a solution to your application.

Both Rigibore and Fenn Tool are excited about this next phase of our cooperation and both believe that it will lead to better support for our customers.

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