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The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly tough in a competitive globalised economy, manufacturers need to be smart to remain competitive and achieve continuous and sustainable growth.

Modern day boring operations demand precision performance and repeatability in order to meet critical tolerance requirements. However, there is common acceptance among manufacturers that manual adjustment of a boring bars cutting edges is challenging and time consuming with a high risk of error.

In order to bridge the gap between increasing production demands and production capabilities, organisations on a global scale are applying Industry 4.0 manufacturing initiatives.

What is Industry 4.0 Manufacturing?

Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) refers to the current trend of ‘smart manufacturing’ which sees growth in automation and cyber-physical systems to deliver a more efficient manufacturing production.

Recent research by PWC suggests manufacturers adopting Industry 4.0 techniques reduced operational costs by 3.6% while increasing efficiency by 4.1% annually by 2020 (PWC, 2017). Rigibore’s Zenith solution leverages Industry 4.0 technologies to revolutionise boring operations, applying a sophisticated solution to measure bores and adjust automatically.

What Is Zenith and Industry 4.0

Rigibore’s Zenith solution is an umbrella term for a fully automated boring system, using data from in-process gauging to adjust the ActiveEdge boring tool with micron accuracy.

Rigibore’s Zenith system measures the exact bore dimensions using a probing or gauging device, this information is sent to the machine controller to calculate if an adjustment is required.

If necessary, a compensation request is transmitted from the machine controller through the ActiveEdge Interface (AEI), the tool will then adjust with micron accuracy to the required tolerance without the need for any operator intervention.

Zenith Benefits — The Future of Manufacturing

Reduced Cycle Time
The ActiveEdge boring tool can be adjusted with micron accuracy based on information from measurement data, without removal from the machine carousel.
Improve Process Control
Tool wear is an unavoidable part of any boring operation. Rigibore macros set an upper and lower warning limit on bore sizes, allowing automatic compensation for insert wear, temperature change or material inconsistency to remain within the preset parameters.
Eliminate Scrap Parts
Automation of bore sizes ensures precise tolerances are maintained throughout operation, removing the risk of errors that exist with manual cutting edge adjustments.
Health and Safety
Tool adjustments are made without entering the machine carousel, eliminating the risk of operator injury whilst manually adjusting the boring bar.
Rigibore's Zenith

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