Rigibore's Zenith solution allows micron accurate, automatic adjustment of multiple cutting edges from anywhere in the machining envelope

Cylinder boring refers to the technique used to increase the inside diameter of the cylinder bore on an engine block component.

It is essential that a precise boring solution is enlisted, machining the engine block to meet critical requirements for concentricity, straightness and overall sizing of the bore.

A common industry problem related to production of cylinder bores is size drift. This can be caused by a number of factors including temperature change, material inconsistency and insert wear. The occurrence of size drift results in the need for time consuming manual adjustments and risks the production of a poor part through operator error.

Rigibore's innovation in design and manufacture has led to the creation of advanced boring technology, automatically compensating for size drift as the tool wears in process...

Cylinder Bore Solution With Rigibore's Zenith

Full automation can be achieved by Rigibore's Zenith Solution, automatically compensating for size drift by inputting measurement data into the machine control, triggering a compensation to ensure the specified tolerance is maintained.

Zenith (Industry 4.0/automation ready) diagram

Traceability in production...

Unlike alternative solutions, which adopt a purely mechanical system that cannot provide certainty of cutting edge adjustments, Zenith applies an integrated measurement system which provides direct feedback on the exact position of the cutting edge.

This not only ensures accurate adjustment to one micron on diameter, but also provides confirmation that the cutting edge has moved before machining the part, eliminating part scrappage of expensive components.

Tomorrows Solution, Today.

As the most technologically advanced and accurate boring solution on the market, Rigibore's Industry 4.0 Compatible Zenith Solution has contributed to eliminating scrap and enabling organisations on a global scale to meet precise tolerances and production targets in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Productivity In Precision — Multiple Cutting Edges

Rigibore's in house design software RADS allows the creation of multiple cutting edges on just a single ActiveEdge finish boring tool.

Zenith/ActiveEdge boring tool with multiple cartridges

Unlike alternative solutions that enlist separate tools to semi-finish and finish the bore, Rigibore designed a single tool that could combine these operations (2 semi-finish edges lead the ActiveEdge finisher by 0.1mm).

The implementation of multi-feature tooling has allowed industry leading organisations to double cell efficiency, essential in meeting and exceeding productivity targets.

Reducing Downtime — Adjustment In The Machine Envelope

Rigibore's advanced technology allows accurate cutting edge adjustments to be made to the ActiveEdge tool anywhere in the machine, including the tool magazine.

Unlike alternative boring solutions, whereby adjustments must be made with the tool in the machine spindle, the Zenith solution allows with micron accurate, automatic adjustment in the machining envelope whilst another operation is in process.

This unique capability allows organisations to increase throughput, reduce downtime and maximise spindle utilisation.

A Simple Solution

Rigibore's ActiveEdge tooling uses a built-in cartridge based solution, allowing easy and quick replacement in case of tool damage. This is as opposed to competitor solutions whereby damage can result in costly and time-consuming replacement of the complete tool.

The ActiveEdge solution is flexible, needing no special machine modifications.

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