Aerospace manufacturing stands alone in its demand for precision performance to meet critical tolerances on high value components. Mistakes in the aerospace manufacturing process are simply not an option, scrappage due to oversized bores is not only extremely costly to an organisation, but can sacrifice hours of milling and threading prior to the boring operation.

The standard process for machining close tolerance bores on expensive components is to machine the bore undersize prior to the finish cut, measure the bore and adjust the boring tool by the required amount to aim for mid limit (nominal). This does not always work as the boring tool has to be clamped, and clamping causes deflection.

Rigibore's Smartbore Technology provides an answer to aerospace boring requirements, providing micron accurate adjustment on diameter without the need for clamping/unclamping.

Adjusting bar with Smartbore Adjuster

Rigibore’s Smartbore® is a patented boring tool adjustment system, providing a digital readout of the insert movement in microns as a diameter change is being made.

Eliminate Scrap

Aerospace manufacturing involves precision machining of complex, high-value component materials, with the difference between a good part and a scrapped part can be just a few tenths of an inch.

This requirement for extreme accuracy coupled with the difficulty associated with tight, incremental changes to the tool demands a superior adjustment solution.

Smartbore technology allows micron accurate cutting-edge changes using the Smartbore digital Adjuster. Diameter changes are displayed clearly on the Adjuster screen, allowing clear monitoring by the operator in either a horizontal or vertical spindle position and delivering error-free performance through an accurate and repeatable process.

Adjustments can be toggled between radius/diameter or metric/imperial to suit the operator's requirements. The Smartbore system's capabilities combine precision with productivity, meeting critical tolerances without the need to remove the tool from the machine spindle.

Digital. Dynamic. Definite.

When making incremental cutting-edge adjustments, traditional boring solutions need to be unclamped and then reclamped as part of the adjustment process. The clamping operation directly offsets the set size, making it difficult to reliably set the cutting edge. Even with the best tooling it is inevitable that some deflection will occur, so skilled operators are needed to avoid compromising the quality of the finished component.

In contrast, Rigibore's Smartbore technology reduces the need for skilled operators. Adjustment of the cutting edge is clearly displayed on the Adjuster screen, to an accuracy of one micron on diameter, with no further action required.

Smarbore's rigid and easy to use design delivers micron accurate adjustment without the need for clamping, thus ensuring that there is no movement after adjustment.

See video demonstration below which demonstrates Smartbore's clamp free capabilities.

Smartbore Solution Options

Patented Smartbore technology is flexible to meet the needs of a customer's application, and is available to be implemented across three individual designs:

  • Smartbore Cartridge (16mm upwards) — Smartbore finishing cartridges are used for precision performance on single or multi—feature special tools.
  • Smartbore Plus (16-68mm across 5 boring heads) — The Smartbore plus allows operators to achieve a range of bore sizes quickly and accurately through the application of coarse and digital fine adjustment.
  • Smartbore Nano (0.5mm-16mm) — The Smartbore Nano precision boring head combines simplicity and accuracy to excel on small hole boring operations.

Each system delivers the same micron accuracy through use of the digital Smartbore Adjuster.

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