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Rigibore is a specialist in the production of micron accurate bores. We work closely with companies on a global scale to implement the perfect boring process, reducing cycle time, improving part quality and optimising tool efficiency.

From initial survey and analysis on your current manufacturing process to installation and prove out of our automated system, Rigibore use decades of knowledge and experience to revolutionise the way you bore.

Rigibore’s Zenith Solution — What Is It?

Our Industry 4.0 ready solution integrates ActiveEdge tools with in-process measurement to enable a machine control to automatically compensate it’s cutting edge.

Pay As You Save – Recouping Your Investment

Rigibore understand that upfront investment for our total automation solution may seem like a risk, we allow customers to pay back costs as the solution creates speedy and continuous savings.

Payment for this solution can be made after a one month trial period or in monthly instalments over a 6 month period after installation and initial prove out. This allows customers to pay for the tool whilst taking advantage of its return on investment (ROI) capabilities, this includes:

  • Certified Part Quality - Eliminated risk of scrap/rework
  • Reduced Cycle Time - Accelerating productivity
  • Maximised Spindle Utilisation – Adjusting in the machine carousel
  • Removed Operator Intervention – Automated solution
  • Lights Out Manufacturing - 24 Hour Production Capabilities

Want to Learn more? visit the Zenith Webpage or contact us via email at info@rigibore.com

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