Boring operations require precision tolerances on highly valuable components to the accuracy of just a few microns, equivalent to 1000th of a millimetre, or just 0.001mm. With the demands of precision tool setting and adjustment more stringent than ever, the technology used to meet fine tolerances, for many companies, has remained largely unchanged for the last 50 years.

Manufacturers often place the success of reaching tolerances in the hands of skilled machinists or CNC operators, using graduated dials, a complex process relying on trial and error and compromising finished size. Often, being just a few microns out of the customer's required specifications can result in scrappage of the component, proving to be extremely costly to the manufacturer's bottom line.

Due to the meticulous details that influence achievement of fine tolerances, specialist organisations such as Rigibore have become experts in very specific fields of precision engineering. To stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace and in the face of uncertain manufacturing times, companies are actively searching for innovations that can deliver higher productivity, better surface finish and a more repeatable result on the diameter of the tool.

Rigibore’s Smartbore solution applies digital adjustment capabilities to bridge the gap between customer expectations and manufacturer capabilities, making adjustments faster, simpler and guaranteeing unwavering precision.

Better Boring Tools Carve Out Bigger Profits

Smartbore is a low cost boring bar adjustment system, swapping complex vernier markings for a handheld digital adjuster, electronically measuring the actual movement of the insert slide and providing a diameter reading to the nearest micron.

This system offers flexibility when applying digital excellence to your manufacturing operation, available as a built finishing cartridge/unit on special tools, as a precision boring head known (Smartbore Nano), or applying both coarse and fine adjustments over a range of sizes through the Smartbore Plus boring head.

Smartbore tooling can be seen as an investment in your continued success. With technology housed in the adjuster itself, as opposed to in each unit, customers to unlock the benefit of digital excellence on any Smartbore system at a reduced unit cost.

Digital adjustment capabilities quickly repay the cost of investment through drastically reduced set up and cycle time, lengthened tool life and cleared hurdles holding your production operation back.

Fine Adjustments Made Simple

Dialling in fine boring tolerances using graduated dials can be a headache for operators. When trying to hold limits to just a few tenths, it often takes multiple test cuts before getting the ID tolerance to the required specification.

Smartbore eliminates the difficult trial and error approach which exists in manually setting using vernier markings, allowing positive and negative diameter changes. The Smartbore adjuster displays adjustment clearly through the LCD screen and can be toggled between metric/imperial, mm/inches and boring/overturning, swivel barrel orientation allows clear viewing in either horizontal or vertical spindle position.

At a time when highly skilled and experienced CNC machinists and operators are at a premium, Smartbore implements technology in its system that allows fast, simple and micron accurate tool setting and adjustment at the twist of the wrist.

The Smartbore Nano boring head is the perfect solution for small hole bores

Rigibore’s Precision Vision

Another potential pitfall with both purely mechanical systems as well as with other digital boring systems is clamping. When the tool is tightened after an adjustment is made, it moves on you, to remedy this movement experienced operators often over-adjust tool as means of compensation. This guesswork is far from perfect, especially when just a few microns can be the difference between a perfect part and a scrapped part.

Rigibore’s innovation in design sees Smartbore positively preloaded in the direction of the cutting force. This allows accurate adjustment, as little as 0.001mm on diameter with no measurable backlash. Additionally, the positive preload means the unit does not need to clamped in position after adjustment. This helps guarantee the accuracy of the adjustment made.

The Future Of Fine Boring

Taking the digital approach to boring substantially reduces setup time and ensures precision, repeatable performance in a way that cannot be achieved through purely mechanical systems.

This low cost, high-reward solution can make an immediate impact on your bottom line performance, it’s time to bore smart with Smartbore.

The innovation does not end here though, alongside Smartbore technology Rigibore also offers a completely automated boring solution, adjusting bores with no operator intervention as part of a closed-loop boring cycle. Want to learn more about the Zenith solution?

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