Nexus is Rigibore's answer to precise and consistent machining of large diameter bores between 275-2010mm. Making use of Rigibore's Zenith solution, Nexus provides the perfect solution for accurate machining of large bores, often found in high value and complex components.

ActiveEdge Nexus is a self-contained unit that can be mounted to any standard flange, with the unit containing a wireless transceiver, battery, and one of Rigibore's ActiveEdgeu ltra-fine precision (UFP) cartridges. This combination means that the insert can be adjusted on diameter either manually, using the ActiveEdge Remote control, ActiveNet PC software or automatically if used in conjunction with Rigibore's Zenith Industry 4.0 compatible automation system. This can be applied to both boring and overturning applications, with coarse and fine adjustment of the diameter down to one micron accuracy. Given the nature of this flexible solution, Nexus removes the need to provide a tool for each individual bore.

Nexus' development came about when Rigibore was approached by ZF Wind Power's facility in Belgium, where it manufactures gearboxes for wind turbines. These large, high-value parts were subject to long setup times due to restricted access when setting diameters. Further complications arose from outside factors such as temperature variance, that meant constant checking and adjustment of bore sizes, all of which added significant cost to the manufacturing process as well as inconsistency. When creating the Nexus, Rigibore developed a boring module that was compatible with existing boring flanges, these modules were then integrated with Rigibore's Zenith closed-loop tool compensation system and in-process gauging. This combination delivered the control, accuracy and consistency that ZF Wind Power required, without the need for any manual intervention.

The Nexus self-contained fine boring units are an extension of the existing ActiveEdge series of tools we produce and are a prime example of how Rigibore works with customers to provide optimum solutions to production issues. The ability to achieve micron accuracy adjustments, without any manual intervention, delivers major cost savings across a wide range of industry applications while delivering increased process capability Roger Bassett - Chairman of Rigibore

A major benefit for ZF Wind Power is the ability to use Rigibore's "two-stage finish cut" system as part of the Nexus/Zenith system. This sees the cutting edge automatically backed off for a Pre-finish cut, measured this bore and used data from the CNC machine to adjust to nominal to verify a precision finish cut. The specialised macros developed by Rigibore ensure that the Nexus tool is accurately adjusted to compensate, automatically, for insert wear, temperature change and material inconsistency and guarantees bore accuracy. As a result of this use of Rigibore's technology ZF Wind Power has seen reduction in scrappage or rework of large and expensive components, cycle times have also been greatly reduced due to the elimination of any manual intervention in the fine boring process. Furthermore, spindle utilisation has also increased, because a key benefit of the Nexus/Zenith combination is that adjustments can be made at any time, and while the tool is out of the spindle in the machine's tool carousel.

Rigibore's Nexus is a selfcontained fine boring unit that gives micron level adjustment without manual intervention

A gearbox from a ZF Wind Power SHIFT 4K platform

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