ActiveEdge G Style 11

Zenith - Closed Loop Boring

Rigibore’s fully automated boring solution allows in-process measurement to monitor bore sizes, guaranteeing precise adjustment of the cutting edge to meet critical tolerances, without operator intervention.

Complete confidence in precision bores

To ensure strict tolerances are met, Rigibore can implement a ‘two-cut finish’, automatically backing the tool off to complete a pre-finish cut to allow confirmation of an accurately finished bore.  This solution delivers 100% confidence to manufacturers in meeting critical tolerances.

Improve CPK performance

Tool wear is an unavoidable part of any boring operation, insert wear, temperature change and material inconsistency can significantly contribute to reduced accuracy and poor finish quality. The Zenith solution allows manufacturers to accurately compensate for tool wear. Rigibore macros set an upper and lower warning limit on bore sizes, automatically adjusting as the tool wears to remain within the preset parameters.

Lights-out manufacturing

Rigibore’s Zenith requires no operator intervention, not only removing the risk involved with manual adjustments but allowing productivity benefits through a lights-out manufacturing process.  This self-adjusting boring tool guarantees precision and accuracy 24 hours a day, supporting Industry 4.0 manufacturing and meeting critical tolerances without the need for an operator’s presence on site.

Flexibility in automation

The benefits of ActiveEdge tooling’s automation are available not just through a cartridge-based solution, but to suit a range of applications and diameter requirements.

ActiveEdge ‘Two Cut’ Finish Process

Zenith - the world's only fully automated compensation system for hole boring - adjustable to one micron on diameter