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Finally! The world’s first fully integrated, automatically adjustable fine boring head is here...

Rigibore deliver new heights of control on fine boring operations, meeting close tolerance requirements through automated tool compensation of the ActiveEdge Apex boring head.

This system allows manufacturers to increase production output and eliminate scrapped parts whilst removing the need for operator intervention.

Zenith/ActiveEdge Catalogue

The ActiveEdge Apex fine boring head provides precision performance machining bores from ∅ 0.25–26mm (.010–1.024") using standard boring bars.

The Apex boring head is available as part of a standard boring kit, available with insert and sleeve kits which allow the boring bar to be offset to meet the required diameter.

Micron accurate adjustments can be made remotely, but maximum benefits can be utilised when applying closed-loop control of the boring head as part of the Zenith solution.

Automation With Apex

Zenith, Rigibore’s Industry 4.0 ready solution, integrates the Apex fine boring head with in process measurement, allowing the machine control to automatically compensate as the tool wears.

Zenith is unique by nature of its closed-loop system, not only compensating the tool to within a micron on diameter with no manual intervention, but also provides feedback to confirm the adjustment value has been reached.

The boring head can be adjusted anywhere in the machine, including the tool magazine whilst it remains idle waiting for the next bore to be machined, contributing to valuable time saved in the production process.

  • Micron accurate compensation
  • Remove operator intervention
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Eliminate scrap and rework
  • Improve operator safety

The Apex boring head is compatible with most standard shanks, including BT40, CAT50 and HSK100, as well as some special shanks upon request.

ActiveEdge is available now to suit your application, please send us an enquiry or call +1 262-363-3922 to order.

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