Rigibore’s unique ActiveEdge product can be integrated with ZOLLER’s tool presetter to perform automatic presetting of rotating boring bars for machining centres.

ZOLLER presetters allow you to measure tools quickly, easily and independently of the operator. The presetter can additionally be linked to any other station in the manufacturing process, from CAD/CAM to the stock and purchasing right through to the machines.

This sophisticated design ensures that ultimate accuracy is achieved, by making sure that no data duplication errors and redundant data recording issues can occur. Below is an overview of how Rigibore and ZOLLER presetting can be successfully integrated together.

Required for the operation:

  • Rigibore ActiveEdge
  • One ActiveEdge Interface (AEI) per ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine
  • Zoller Pilot 3.0 software version 1.0


The ActiveEdge tool is measured automatically on the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine, from here the measured values are transmitted to the tool via radio signal.

Within only a few seconds, the tool is set to the requested nominal diameter, with micro-precision, automatically and without intervention of an operator.

After an automatic tolerance check by the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine, the data is written onto a tool ID chip and directly sent to the CNC machine.

It is also made easy to adjust the tool afterwards on the Pilot 3.0 machine automatically, via radio signal.


There are number of advantages associated with the process of ActiveEdge and ZOLLER using automation in operation, these include:

  • Automatic presetting, eliminating the need for operator invention in the process. This coupled with its micro-precise setting leads to a more accurate and efficient boring operation
  • Minimized set up time is effective in speeding up the process of the operation, ultimately leading to a more productive boring operation
  • Guaranteed quality in operation, the accuracy of the micro-precise setting ensures that a quality operation with the desired final product is obtained
  • Standardized implentation, resulting in an efficient serial production, ensuring that reliable and repeat results can be obtained for multiple boring operations

You can learn more about ZOLLER presetter tools and other products at www.zoller.info.

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