Rigibore’s innovation in design and manufacture allows Smartbore technology to be applied to bush units, meeting critical tolerances without compromise.

This made-to-order unit offers a digital replacement for the Valenite E-Z-Set Bush Unit range, available in either vertical or angular mount.

These units provide precision performance on Line Boring or Special Tooling applications, however significant performance benefits to both productivity and accuracy are exploited through application of Smartbore’s digital capabilities.

Simplicity In Precision

Smartbore allows operators to rapidly and accurately set the boring unit to precise limits without removing the tool from the machine spindle, minimising downtime in operation.

Unlike mechanical systems that require difficult cutting-edge adjustments using a vernier scale, Smartbore’s digital capabilities allows simplicity in adjustment, removing the risk of operator error.

Micron accurate diameter changes are made using the handheld adjuster, changes are clearly visible in either vertical/horizontal spindle position by way of the LCD adjuster screen.

Solution Benefits

  • No clamping in adjustment
  • Minimised spindle downtime
  • Radius/diameter readout
  • Metric/imperial readout
  • Simple for operators of varying skill/experience

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