Fine margins make big differences when it comes to precision machining of bores. Increasingly tight tolerance demands means the difference between a good part and a scrapped part is a just matter of microns.

When dealing with tolerances of approximately one sixth of a human hair, the ability to set a tool’s cutting edge to precise limits is essential. This demand for precision performance places uncertainty over the effectiveness of traditional analogue boring heads which rely on skilled, manual setting using a vernier dial. Subsequently modern-day manufacturing has shifted towards adjustment systems which remove uncertainties and ensures accuracy through digital technology.

Rigibore is confident that our digital fine boring head, the Smartbore Nano is not just another solution, but the solution to revolutionise your boring process by reducing downtime, scrap and improving quality of parts produced.

Smartbore Adjuster with fine boring head

Rigibore's Smartbore Nano fine boring head, delivering fast, simple, accurate adjustments using digital technology

A Measurement You Can Trust

Firstly, Rigibore’s Smartbore Nano applies sophisticated technology in the process of delivering a measurement. This boring system electronically measures the physical movement of the cutting edge to deliver certainty in a precision finish bore.

Unlike mechanical systems whereby measurements are based on revolutions of a screw, the Smartbore Nano possesses the ability to electronically sense the true movement of the tools cutting edge, whilst providing a real time positional update via the Smartbore Digital Adjuster LCD screen.

A Superior Design

Digital fine adjustments are made possible through built-in electronic hardware. The Integral position sensors in the adjuster engages with the slide in the Smartbore Nano boring head to monitor movement of the insert.

Rather than housing electronics in the boring head, Rigibore’s Smartbore Nano design keeps the sensitive electronics outside of the working environment, storing them in the digital Smartbore Adjuster.

Not only does this design eradicate the potential for in-process damage from collisions with chips, coolant or swarf, but also allows manufacturers to reduce unit costs. Purchasing technology (in the Smartbore Adjuster) once, can then be applied to any number of boring heads (or other Smartbore solutions).

Simplicity In Adjustment

One of the most important benefits of digital adjustment is that it allows fast setting and precision adjustment in the machine spindle.

Reaching these precise limits is made simple with the aid of feedback provided by the digital readouts. However, in the machine spindle it can be difficult to view the diameter reading in dark conditions and at awkward viewing angles, compromising the desired size.

Rigibore’s design accounts for this difficulty, displaying positive or negative diameter changes clearly on the LCD handheld adjuster screen. The swivel barrel orientation of the adjuster allows clear viewing in either a horizontal or vertical spindle position.

The Smartbore adjuster allows fine variances to be achieved, but with larger movements of the tool’s adjuster handle, making it simpler to follow diameter changes and eliminating the risk of over or under-adjusting. With the variation of skill and experience levels in modern manufacturing, Rigibore’s primary objective of the Smartbore Nano was to make cutting edge changes as simple for apprentices as it is for skilled machinists, allowing fast setting without compromising quality.

Smartbore Adjuster with digital LCD display

The LCD Adjuster screen allows operators of all skill and experience levels to accurately adjust the tool's cutting edge.

Solution Summary

  • Micron accurate adjustments made through digital Smartbore Adjuster
  • Electronic sensing of the cutting edge's physical movement
  • Rigid no-clamp design eliminates risk of movement in clamping
  • Electronic components stored outside the working environment
  • Simple, fast, precise adjustments for operators of all skill and experience levels
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