Boring Tools


Adjustable to one micron in diameter. NO CLAMPING = NO DEFLECTION

Smartbore’s patented boring technology electronically measures the actual movement of the insert slide and gives the diameter adjustment reading after confirming the movement.

This manually operated system simplifies the adjustment process; the tool does not need to be removed from the machine spindle by using the handheld Smartbore Digital Adjuster.

Precision diameter changes can be monitored by the operator, displayed clearly on the LCD adjuster screen. Swivel barrel orientation allows clear viewing in horizontal or vertical spindle position.

Features & Benefits

  • Digital adjustment capabilities guarantee precision performance.
  • Toggle between ‘radius/diameter’, ‘metric/imperial’, and ‘boring/overturning’.
  • Clear & bright digital readout allows easy, micron accurate adjustments by skilled or semi-skilled operators
  • Make digital fine adjustments without clamping or unclamping.
  • Minimise downtime by making changes without removing the tool from the machine spindle

Smartbore Specials – Rigibore’s Custom Solutions

Smartbore cartridges are built into special tooling solutions, designed and manufactured to the needs of the customer’s specific application.

We can build several  Smartbore cartridges into a single tool meaning two or more diameters can be machined simultaneously.

This capability increases process efficiency, reduces cycle time and minimises tooling requirements.

Some of our Smartbore custom solutions are featured here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is the Smartbore hand-held adjuster?

The Smartbore adjuster has been rigorously tested to ensure that there is minimal risk of damage even in the harshest machining environments.

Adjustments can be made in the machine spindle without risking damage from dust, oil, chips or coolant that may collide with the tool.

The adjuster is  so durable that it will maintain full functionality even if it is dropped into coolant or water.

What adjustment ranges do Smartbore tools cover?

Rigibore’s patented Smartbore technology covers a wide adjustment range for boring applications. Smartbore cartridges have an adjustment range from 16mmand are built into the bar as a slide assembly or  as a cartridge based solution.

Alternatively, for small hole boring operations, the Smartbore Nano boasts an adjustment range from 16mm down to 0.5mm in diameter.

How prone to damage is the handheld Smartbore adjuster?

The Smartbore adjuster’s sophisticated design minimises the risk of damage during use.

By applying a constant preload and determining adjustments using sensor technology the adjuster doesn’t apply more torque than required thereby eliminating the risk of damage.

If accidentally dropped during the adjustment process, the torx head will spring back inside the adjuster. If damage to the torx driver occurs in operation, the adjuster can be returned to Rigibore for repair.

How does communication between the Smartbore cartridge and adjuster work?

The Smartbore cartridge contains an integral position transducer. This is activated by the adjuster when the connection is made.  The adjuster has a rechargeable power source and the control electronics necessary to display the adjustment reading on the LCD display screen.

The adjuster also supplies power to the cartridge position transducer when connected. The transducer returns position data to the adjuster which is then interpreted and displayed on the LCD display screen.

What capabilities does the Smartbore adjuster have for monitoring diameter changes?

The Smartbore adjuster displays can be changed depending on the boring operation and the operator’s preference. The measurement system can be toggled between ‘mm’ and ‘inch’ by using the menu button.

The adjustment type can also be toggled between ‘RADIUS’ and ‘DIAMETER’ to suit the operator’s needs. The adjuster also offers adjustment based on the type of diameter change, displaying both ‘BORING’ and ‘OVERTURNING’ capabilities.

Are Smartbore cartridges Interchangeable with UFP Cartridges?

Smartbore cartridges are designed to fit UFP cartridge pockets, and are completely interchangeable with standard UFP cartridges.

How can the Smartbore adjuster be charged in case of a flat battery ?

A  re-charger kit (SB-CHR07) is included with each Smartbore  adjuster. The re-charger can be purchased separately if required.
The Smartbore Adjuster can be fully charged from flat battery in under an hour.

Is the Smartbore adjustment system relative or absolute in it’s adjustment methods?

Smartbore adjustments are based on an absolute scale , beginning at 0 and monitoring positive or negative diameter changes in a certain direction from the established starting point.

The adjuster’s capabilities do not account for a relative measurement scale, meaning it can not establish the current diameter of the tool’s cutting edge and therefore must be predetermined before making an adjustment.

Do you have to calibrate the Smartbore adjuster?

No, the Smartbore adjuster is fully calibrated before dispatch from Rigibore and is ready for use upon arrival.