Boring Tools

Smartbore Plus+

This range of digital boring heads will enable micron accurate adjustments between 15-68mm on diameter.

  • SB-M15 — 15mm (0.5090″) — 18.5mm (0.728″)
  • SB-M18 — 18mm (0.709″) — 22mm (0.866″)
  • SB-M20 — 20mm (0.787″) — 31mm (1.220″)

Rigibore has incorporated its patented Smartbore technology into a superiorly designed, flexible adjustment system with both coarse and fine adjustment capabilities.


  • Micron accurate adjustment by using the standard Smartbore Adjuster
  • Precise adjustment over a range of bore sizes is possible by means of the coarse adjustment feature
  • Digital fine adjustments are made with the need for clamping/unclamping
  • Different holders to support insert geometries (and also back boring) can be purchased separately

All boring heads will feature replaceable ‘insert holders’ for boring that support the following inserts:

  • SB-M15 — CC04T0
  • SB-M18 — CC06/TP08
  • SB-M20 — CC06/TP08

The range of Smartbore Plus heads will cover bore sizes from 15mm (0.590″) upwards on diameter.

To maintain optimum performance we recommend you follow a maintenance programme