Guide to Boring 101

Boring is a preferred method of producing accurate sized holes in manufacturing.

Boring offers distinct benefits over other hole making strategies such as reaming. Hole boring comes with a unique set of rules. This guide helps address those rules and will aid in maximising the cost benefits of your boring bar investment.


General Rule

The general rule in boring is to keep the boring bars to a minimum length. At the early stages of any production planning, maximum effort must be put into a machining strategy that will keep boring bars as short as possible.

In new projects the only limiting factor should be the length of the bore.  Machine (spindle) choice and fixture design should be highly characterised by the impacts of boring tool length. Stability is greatly increased with larger spindles.

Rigibore and the Rigibore global distributor network will directly support you with your installation of tooling. This guide should be used as a way of best directing questions to Rigibore so when technical support is required we can quickly help your application.