Whether you are cutting cast iron, aluminium, steel, plastics, or titanium alloys, Rigibore technology offers you a wide and varied range of cutting edges in the form of indexable carbide inserts.

In addition to our range of standard carbide inserts we can also offer a custom special carbide insert design and manufacture service. Inserts range from a simple modified TC insert, custom ground chip-breakers with a hone to an interpolating form insert and 'hockey stick'.

Our team of experienced engineers can help design and manufacture custom specification carbide inserts for your specific application.

We guarantee rapid response to quotes and excellent delivery times.

Rigibore Insert Grades

Grade ISO ANSI Description Coating Materials
RC127 M10-M25
  • High-speed finishing
  • Exceptional resistance to wear, oxidation and thermal shock
PVD composite coated Cast iron, heat-resisting titanium alloys
R71 P05-P25
  • Light roughing and finishing
  • High cutting speeds with moderate feeds
  • High resistance to wear and thermal shock
Uncoated Steel, cast steel
R22 K10-K25
  • Wide range of applications
  • High resistance to wear and good edge sharpness
  • Moderate cutting speeds and high feeds
Micro-grain uncoated Cast iron, ferrous materials, heat-resisting titanium alloys, aircraft materials and plastics

The standard C style rhombic or diamond-shaped insert comes in four sizes for right-hand (turning) and left-hand (boring).

Sizes range from 4.76–12.7mm (.187–.500") IC.

The standard T style triangle shaped insert comes in four sizes for right-hand (turning) and left-hand (boring).

Sizes range from 3.97–9.525mm (.156–.375") IC.

The standard W style or trigon-shaped inserts comes in five sizes and in standard and heavy duty thickness.

Sizes range from 6–15mm (.236–.591") IC.

The standard S style square-shaped insert comes in two sizes.

Sizes range from 9.525–12.7mm (.375–.500") IC.

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