Smartbore's® patented boring technology electronically measures the actual movement of the insert slide and gives the diameter adjustment reading after confirming the movement.

This manually operated system provides simplicity to precision manufacturing, allowing adjustments to be made without removal from the machine spindle by use of the handheld Smartbore Digital Adjuster.

Precision diameter changes can be monitored by the operator, displayed clearly on the LCD Adjuster screen. Swivel barrel orientation allows clear viewing in horizontal or vertical spindle position.

Choose Your Solution

Rigibore’s patented Smartbore technology can be applied through three innovative designs, find the right solution for your application below.

Smartbore Nano

0.5–16mm (.020–.630") Smartbore Nano

This precision boring head combines simplicity and accuracy on small hole boring operations.

Smartbore Plus

15–68mm (.591–2.677") Smartbore Plus

Achieve a range of bore sizes accurately and quickly through coarse and digital fine adjustment capabilities.

Smartbore Cartridges

16mm (.630") – any size Smartbore Cartridges

Micron accurate Smartbore cartridges are built into special tools, or offered as a cartridge based solution.

Smartbore Bush Units

Smartbore Bush Units

Smartbore Bush units apply precision, digital capabilities to line boring or special tool applications

Features & Benefits

  • Precision performance is guaranteed through digital adjustment capabilities
  • Measurements can be toggled between 'radius/diameter', 'metric/imperial' and 'boring/overturning'
  • Digital readouts allow for easy, micron accurate adjustments by skilled or semi-skilled operators
  • Digital fine adjustments are made with no clamping/unclamping
  • Changes are made without removing the tool from the machine spindle, minimising downtime

Case Studies

Smartbore Connection Rods

Rigibore tooling was enlisted to improve boring efficiency of a 2nd tier automotive company, machining connection rod components.

Smartbore Gear Housing

Smartbore system supplied by Rigibore to increase accuracy and reduce scrap rates.

Automotive Transfer Case

Smartbore tooling was enlisted to improve machining efficiencies of an aluminium transfer case for an industry leading 4x4 automotive end user.

Technical Information

The Smartbore cartridge contains an integral position transducer. This is activated by the Adjuster when the connection is made.

The Smartbore Adjuster contains a rechargeable power source, together with the control electronics necessary to display the adjustment reading on the LCD.

The Adjuster also supplies power to the cartridge position transducer when connected. The transducer returns position data to the Adjuster which is then interpreted and displayed on the LCD.

View our Smartbore downloads section if you can't find the documentation here.

Smartbore Demonstration

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