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Smartbore Nano is currently unavailable due to a product redesign.

The Smartbore Nano fine boring head combines simplicity and accuracy on small hole boring operations.

The Nano covers a boring range from 0.5-16mm on diameter, with precision adjustment of 1 micron on diameter.

This rigid design allows fast setting and precise adjustment in the machine spindle.

Innovation In Design - The Smartbore Nano’s functional design houses electronic components in the Smartbore Adjuster rather than the boring head itself.

Keeping sensitive electronics outside the working environment removes the risk of damage from collision with chips, coolant or swarf.

This design also allows organisations to reduce unit costs on operations with multiple boring heads, requiring just a single adjuster.


The Smartbore Nano boring head allows precision fine adjustments to be made to the cutting edge without clamping/unclamping.

Maximum length to diameter ratio 4:1.


Smartbore Nano offers many advantages over other boring solutions, these include:

  • Pre-loaded, clamp free adjustment system, perfect for small hole precision boring
  • The Nano boring head fits any standard collet chuck or side lock holder
  • Allows insert changes to support any material grade
  • Keeps expensive technology outside of the working environment removing the risk of damage
  • Eliminates risk of distorting the boring head during adjustment, keeping the tool in true balance

Tool Dimensions

Straight Shank Connection Boring range Order no
d1 d2 d3 X1 A kg
20.0 48.0 4.0 - 8.0 50.0 0.6 - 16.0 0.890 SB-FBH500160

* Dimensions in millimetres

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