The Smartbore Plus system offers precision performance, allowing operators to achieve bore sizes accurately and quickly, with no clamping/unclamping.

This range of digital boring heads will enable micron accurate adjustments between 15-68mm on diameter.

  • SB-M15 — 15mm (0.5090") — 18.5mm (0.728")
  • SB-M18 — 18mm (0.709") — 22mm (0.866")
  • SB-M20 — 20mm (0.787") — 31mm (1.220") — (in development)
  • SB-M30 — 30mm (1.181") — 41mm (1.614") — (in development)
  • SB-M40 — 40mm (1.574") — 51mm (2.007") — (in development)

Rigibore has incorporated its patented Smartbore technology into a superiorly designed, flexible adjustment system with both coarse and fine adjustment capabilities.

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Key Benefits

  1. Micron accurate adjustment by using the standard Smartbore Adjuster
  2. Precise adjustment over a range of bore sizes is possible by means of the coarse adjustment feature
  3. Digital fine adjustments are made with the need for clamping/unclamping
  4. Different holders to support insert geometries (and also back boring) can be purchased separately

All boring heads will feature replaceable 'insert holders' for boring and back boring that support either CC04 or TP08 insert geometries. A range of heads will cover bore sizes between 15-36mm (0.590-1.417") on diameter.

Dynamic Adjustment Capabilities

The coarse adjustment capability will allow the tool to be set quickly and accurately across a range of bore sizes. Each boring head offers at least 3.5mm of coarse adjustment on diameter.

Micron accurate fine adjustment will ensure precision by using the digital Smartbore Adjuster.

Coarse and fine adjustment measures combine to offer flexibility and accuracy in setting different bore sizes.

Adjustment Procedure

  • Adjust the coarse adjustment locking screw
  • Use coarse adjustment screw to set the approximate size requirement
  • Set and maintain the precise size by using the digital Smartbore Adjuster
  • The internal position sensor is activated when the Smartbore Adjuster is engaged

Smartbore Plus Boring Head Features

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Smartbore Plus boring heads support CC04 and TP08 inserts.

Unclamping the coarse adjustment locking screw allows the coarse adjustment function to be applied.

Micron accurate fine adjustment, using the handheld Smartbore Adjuster.

The internal electronic transducer is activated when the Smartbore Adjuster is engaged.

Insert holders allow quick replacement to support different insert geometries.

Each boring head allows at least 3.5mm of coarse adjustment on diameter.

Lubrication with a high quality teflon based grease should be used in accordance with maintenance schedule.

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