Our History

Our History

Rigibore was founded in 1983 by Roger Bassett and initially produced the standard R & TR boring units and standard boring bars.  It is part of the Bassett Group.

Special Tool Design & Integrated Manufacturing

In time, the company started to manufacture special boring tools with multiple cutting edges to reduce cycle time. With the introduction of computer technology and CAD systems speeding up the design process led to the introduction of multi-axis machine tools to speed up our manufacturing. This increased production and overtook our design capacity that led to a co-operation with Plymouth University through the Teaching Company Scheme to develop bespoke design software for special tool design. This became known as RADS (Rigibore Automated Design) and speeded up the design process that eliminated the need for a large staff of design engineers.

A fully-integrated manufacturing system was developed over time linking RADS to Solidworks and to Edgecam for programming. RADS interfaces with modelling & CAM software to optimise the design & manufacture process.  With a high level of accuracy a 3D machining simulation ability enables automatic tool clash detection and other verifying functions and interacts with the manufacturing chain from the generation of the quote to the NC code.

Innovation, the use of technology and ‘thinking outside the box’ research and development have always been at the heart of Rigibore’s philosophy and operation.

Product development is the key to Rigibore’s success as a small company able to succeed and excel in a highly competitive global market.

Rigibore is the first company to produce a closed-loop boring system with one micron on diameter accuracy and the ability to include multiple cutting edges, each edge being adjusted separately in a single tool design. The system records all historical data that can be downloaded for analysis making the product Industry 4.0 compliant.

We can confidently state that our ActiveEdge and Smartbore products are the most accurately adjusted tools in the world.

Our products are adjusted with no requirement for clamping (locking) the adjusted insert slide, meaning there is no deflection of the cutting edge after adjustment.

Rigibore has been awarded some accolades over the years including:

2002 – Institute of Mechanical Engineers – The Foresight Award for the Best SME

2003 – Institute of Mechanical Engineers – Best Practice in IT, Best Practice in Customer Service

2011 – BAE Systems – Chairman’s Award – Bronze Award for Active Edge – ‘ Interesting but still boring ‘

2013 – The Queens Award for Enterprise – International Trade


The company is still family run and continues to strive for continuous improvements in all aspects of the business.

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Registered in England : 01465509

VAT Registration: GB 168268668

EORI Number: GB 168268668000

Quality Registered to ISO9001:2008  Certificate Number: FM582798

Company Directors

Mr Roger Bassett

Mrs Rosemary Bassett

Mr Anthony Bassett

Mrs Suzanne Bennet

Mr Richard Bennet

 Registered Address

Guildford Road Industrial Estate

Hayle, Cornwall

TR27 4QZ

United Kingdom


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Corporate Tax ID: 39-179-4696

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Mr Roger Bassett

Mr Anthony Bassett, President

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700 Swan Drive



Registrations & Certifications


SUPPLIER’S VAT TIN : 383749018

IEC CODE : 0713017082

Company Directors

Mrs Suzanne Bennet

Mr Roger Bassett

Mr Lalit Sharma

Registered Address

# 4/1 Brindavan
Millers Road
Bangalore 560052