Goodbye manual, hello perfect ! Automated solutions for precision hole boring  

Producing micron accurate bores

Rigibore’s Zenith boring system offers unmatched savings and gives a real return on investment. It does this by reducing labour costs and can eliminate scrap. It also supports 24 hour production with lights-out manufacturing.

Modern CNC machines cannot automatically compensate for a boring tool’s cutting edges. This is true regardless of the machine’s sophistication.  Rigibore’s ActiveEdge tooling and in-process bore measurement have fixed this problem.

The Zenith system integrates ActiveEdge tools with in-process gauging. This setup lets a machine controller adjust for insert wear, temperature changes, and material inconsistency. It does this automatically and without stopping production.

Rigibore calls this process closed-loop tool compensation.  It can eliminate scrap and helps hit tight tolerances and production targets consistently and repeatably.