Rigibore is the only company in the world that can automatically adjust multiple cutting edges on a single boring bar to within one micron on diameter.

The machining of crankshaft bearing journals requires accurate, concentric bores with the quality of the finished component directly impacting power and fuel efficiency of the engine block.

An ActiveEdge line bar is designed with 5 semi-finish cartridges which are set 0.1mm below nominal to allow the 5 ActiveEdge cartridges to finish all journals in one pass. ActiveEdge Cartridges can be adjusted manually (ActiveEdge Remote Control) or automatically (Rigibore’s Zenith Solution).

Cross The Line To Productivity

  • Improved process speeds through simultaneous manufacturing capabilities
  • Each ActiveEdge cartridge is independently adjustable, extending or retracting based on command
  • Reducing cycle time by allowing precision changes without removal from the machine
  • Maximised insert life

ActiveEdge is available now to suit your application, please send us an enquiry or call +1 262-363-3922 to order.

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