In modern manufacturing practice, boring has become a common hole finishing operation, offering distinct benefits such as greater accuracy and concentricity and roundness, even in applications with intersecting features (intermittent cutting).

Whilst boring itself has become a common operation, large diameter precision boring is still widely regarded as a niche market.

Issues associated with tool weight and tool change momentum make the design of a lightweight, functional structure challenging for precision boring over a range of diameters.

Rigibore’s secure configuration allows precision, wireless adjustment through a self contained module added to standard flanges. This design is known as Rigibore’s ActiveEdge Nexus…

The ActiveEdge Nexus

Rigibore’s ActiveEdge Nexus provides precise, wireless cutting edge adjustments on large diameter boring applications from ⋄ 275mm (10.82628") – 1020mm (40.15748").

The Nexus is a self contained, modular solution added to standard flanges. The module comprises of the following components:

  • Control electronics and wireless transceiver
  • 4x CR123A lithium batteries
  • ActiveEdge precision cartridge
ActiveEdge Nexus, large diameter precision boring solution

This design allows coarse adjustment across the flange, as well as precision fine setting capabilities through the ActiveEdge cartridge.

The Nexus is flexible, offering the same precision performance capabilities for overturning operations as it does on standard boring.

Precision Guaranteed

Large diameter boring operations involve the machining of complex, large and highly valuable components. This subsequently means that manufacturers must enlist a machining solution to guarantee accuracy in the cut without risking part scrappage through oversized bores.

Rigibore's Nexus design applies revolutionary ActiveEdge technology guaranteeing micron accurate adjustments through wireless transmission.

ActiveEdge UFP (ultra fine precision) cartridges contain an internal mechanism that moves the cutting insert with accuracy down to 0.6mm (fine adjustment range) on diameter. By only moving such a small part of the tool (the insert) this overcomes imbalances that exist in competitor systems.

Accurate fine adjustments can be made both manually (using the ActiveEdge Remote Control) or automatically (as part of Rigibore’s Zenith solution), both of which removes the demand for skilled operators to make difficult, precise adjustments, subsequently eliminating the risk associated with operator error.

Simplicity In Adjustment

The process of physically adjusting the tool can also be an issue for manufacturers. Due to the size of the machine and the tool, access to enter the machining envelope to make an adjustment can be limited.

Not only this, but adjusting the tool in the machining envelope also risks operator safety. By application of the Nexus' wireless adjustment capabilities, precise diameter changes are made without the requirement for an operator to enter the machine, removing health and safety risks.

Connecting Innovation — ActiveEdge Nexus Video Demonstration

Want to know more about the ActiveEdge Nexus? Click here for the catalogue, use our contact form or email info@rigibore.com.

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