Carbide Inserts from Rigibore

Our insert grades for boring

Grade I.S.O. ANSI Description Coating Materials
RC217 M10-M25


C2-C3 High speed finishing.

Exceptional resistance to wear, oxidation and thermal shock

PVD composite coated Cast iron heat-resisting titanium alloy
R71 P05-P25


P6-P7 Light roughing and finishing.

High cutting speeds with moderate feeds. High resistance to wear and thermal shock

Uncoated Steel, cast steel
R22 K10-K25


C2-C3 Wide range of applications. High resistance to wear and good edge sharpness. Moderate cutting Micro-grain coated Cast iron, ferrous materials, heat-resisting titanium alloy and aircraft aluminium

Our chip breaker geometries

A choice of four geometries is available to suit most applications.  Ultra precision ground to ISO ‘H’ tolerance for indexing within 0.013mm/0.0005″

Geometry Description
0º T.R. Brass , S.G., Cast iron, hardened steel, short-chipping bronze
8º T.R. Alloy steels, tool steels, some bronzes, some grey cast irons & tougher materials
14º T.R. Mild steels, stainless steels, some tool steels, heat-resisting steel alloys, hard plastics
22º T.R. Aluminium, aluminium alloys, soft plastics, rubber, magnesium alloys, copper