Here are five reasons why you should seriously consider Smartbore for your digital tooling requirements.

Date Posted: 29th April

Categories: Case Studies and Smartbore.

One: Today’s other digital boring tools are only suitable for single point boring. In contrast, using Rigibore’s Smartbore system, you can build multiple cartridges into combination special boring tools. This reduces cycle time and allows the semi-finish and finish boring on the same tool.

Two: The digital display is in the tool body of most digital boring heads. This means the electronics, the pricier part of the tools, are in the machine envelope during machining. They are subject to coolant contamination and constant wear. The display is small and can be hard to read. The adjustment is still made by means of a manual tool. Rigibore’s digital display and adjustment are in the Smartbore Adjuster. The clever electronic bit is in the adjuster, not the tool.  Rigibore made the digital display on the adjuster large and bright. It is easy to view – not everyone has 20-20 vision all their lives.

Three: The Smartbore cartridge range takes ISO inserts from 06-16. The cartridges are easily replaceable.

Four: Smartbore cartridges are designed to eliminate backlash. They do not need to be clamped after adjustment. This makes your adjustment more accurate and with no chance of deflection.

Five: Smartbore tools can be adjusted on radius or diameter. They can be set in imperial or metric units. The adjuster can switch between boring and overturning at the touch of a button. A swivel barrel allows the user to view the LCD screen in either horizontal or vertical spindle position.