Here's how we test ActiveEdge tooling communications before it reaches the machine tool.

Date Posted: 21st June

Categories: Automation and General News.

Quite simply, Rigibore will supply a ‘Linkbox’ and the AE-Link Software which should be installed on a laptop or PC located near the tooling.

Once the tool has been swtiched on, the software sends a signal to the tool to power on the communications. Once it has ‘woken up’ the software shows how many cartridges the tool has and the position of the cartridge in its adjustment range.

You can now input a ‘compensation value’ and once the compensation is complete it will show that the cartridge is now in a different position in the adjustment range.

So, the comms are working and you can now set up the tooling in the machine tool & start producing parts.

Boring has never been so exciting !