Rigibore’s ActiveEdge Nexus provides precision performance wireless cutting edge adjustment on large diameter finish boring requirements from ∅ 275mm (10.827") – ∅ 1020mm (40.15748").

The Nexus provides the perfect solution for the machining of complex, larger and highly valuable components.

This self-contained module added to Wohlhaupter flanges comprises of a wireless transceiver, battery and supports a micron adjustable ActiveEdge cartridge, which can be adjusted either manually (ActiveEdge Remote Control) or automatically (Rigibore's Zenith Solution).

Precision Guaranteed

  • Moving only the cutting insert overcomes imbalances that exist in competitor solutions
  • Changes are made simply from outside the machine, reducing downtime and improving health and safety
  • Enables both coarse adjustment and fine setting capabilities
  • Supports overturning operations

ActiveEdge is available now to suit your application, please send us an enquiry or call +1 262-363-3922 to order.

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