Quoting to Ordering

Quoting to Ordering

Rigibore and the Rigibore global distributor network will directly support you with your installation of tooling. This guide should be used as a way of best directing questions to Rigibore so when technical support is required we can quickly help your application.

Quoting for Boring Bars

There are a number of factors that should be considered in the early stages of a manufacturing process that requires accurate hole production – boring.

We need the following information to quote you for a suitable boring bar:

  • Part drawing or key dimensions (length of bore, diameter, tolerances required, critical relationships between features)
  • Material specifications
  • Fixturing & fixture clearances
  • Spindle type
  • Thru coolant
  • Maximum weight of tool
  • Tool change moment
  • Boring process
  • Stock removal
  • Combination tooling (combined features on one tool or combined semi-finish and finish operations)

Tool Design

Tools will be designed from the component print and machine specifications. Recommendations will be made to the boring process. In designing the tool, the Rigibore team will use experienced knowledge to maximize tool efficiency while minimizing deflection and vibration. As a fundamental rule, tools will be kept as short as possible. On packages, tools will be combined where possible to reduce the investment needed to perform the machining operation.

Decisions will be made that, where possible will reduce negative impacts of cutting forces on the bar.  These include cutting geometry, component selection, balancing and in some cases recommendations may be made to change the process variable or cutting technologies, such as depth of cut to maximize the efficiency of the boring bar.

Quoting Process

In the quoting process a Rigibore applications engineer will design the tooling to the previously stated criteria. Each quote is given a reference number and all data relating to this quote request is securely stored against this reference.

Drawings are produced detailing the key dimensional characteristics of the tooling.

A quotation file breaking down the costing and options for individual tools and hardware will be sent along with the PDF drawings of the tools.

Sign Off

As with all bespoke tooling, Rigibore will expect to recieve a sign off print from the end user. As part of the sign off procedure end users should consider:

  • Critical dimensions of the tool in relation to the part
  • Clearance dimensions for fixtures
  • Clearance dimensions for machine tool change functions
  • Maximum weights and tool change moments
  • Insert selection and supply


Delivery of special tools is often shorter than expected, but it’s still a good idea to plan well in advance:

  • Boring tools for all parts of the process, roughing, semi-finishing and finishing
  • Sister tools or backup tooling
  • Inserts
  • Pull studs
  • Coolant tubes
  • Tools for adjustment of cutting edges