Solutions to common problems

Problem Possible Cause Solution
Poor sizing/difficulty holding tolerance Cleanliness Clean tool holder and spindle mounting faces
Insert mounting (sufficient pullback) Check for pull back on insert
Unit or cartridge rigidity
  • Check that the cartridge or unit is correctly fitted and seating properly
  • Check that the cartridge or unit are being operated within the recommended range with the correct radius insert
Material variance
Roughing setup – depth of cut
Core shift
Datum offsets
Coolant supply
Swarf nesting Insert geometry (chip breakers)
Feed rate too low Increase feed rate
Chatter/vibration Cleanliness
Length diameter ratio
Poor finish Feed rate too high Decrease feed rate
Chip evacuation
Ovality Fixture clamping
Roughing tool setup
Excessive insert wear Excessive flank wear
  • Reduce cutting speed
  • Review and select a more resistant grade of insert
Crater wear Select insert with more positive geometry
Plastic deformation
Built up edge
Broken inserts Excessive load
  • Check for program errors (rapids)
  • Reduce depth of cut
Grade too brittle
Geometry too weak
Insert too small
Feed too high
Speed too high