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Having problems getting the last half tenth in adjustment?
Losing valuable production time accurately setting tooling?
Failing to meet critical tolerance demands?

Smartbore’s non-clamp system delivers simplicity when meeting precision tolerances.

Problem — Clamping In Boring Operations

Modern day manufacturing demands precision, manufactures are facing increased pressure to meet critical tolerances when machining high-value component materials, scrappage of expensive parts is simply not an option!

Companies that adopt traditional solutions face a continuous problem when it comes to clamping the tool in adjustment.

Even with the best tool clamping, it is inevitable that some deflection will occur in boring operations…

The clamping operation directly offsets the set size, making it difficult to reliably set the cutting edge. This requires skilled operators to compensate for diameter changes in clamping, this compromises quality of the finished component, particularly on operations demanding precision tolerances.

Solution — Smartbore Technology

Rigibore’s Smartbore technology allows micron accurate diameter changes to be made to the tools cutting edge, without the need for clamping or unclamping.

Adjustments are made using the Smartbore Digital Adjuster, which uses sophisticated electronic sensor technology to support operators meeting precision tolerances. These diameter changes are communicated back to the operator, displayed on the LCD adjuster screen.

Its no clamp, zero backlash design allows skilled and semi-skilled operators to make adjustments simply, without the risk of deflection.

No Clamping. No Deflection. No Problem.

Smartbore Technology is available to customers through the following systems:

Smartbore Nano (0.5-16mm) — This micron accurate boring head is the perfect solution to small hole boring operations, allowing precision adjustment down to 0.5mm on diameter.

Smartbore Cartridges (16mm upwards) — Smartbore Cartridges can be integrated as a cartridge based solution, or built into the bar. Smartbore’s combination tooling capabilities can integrate multiple cartridges on one tool, contributing to significantly reduced cycle time.

Smartbore Plus (16-38mm) — This product will be released in January 2017. Allows precision performance to reach a range of bore sizes accurately and quickly with coarse adjustment function. Micron precise fine adjustment measures are also available.

You can learn more about how Smartbore technology can benefit your boring operations by visiting the Rigibore booth at the upcoming IMTS show.

IMTS Booth: W1280

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