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Modern Day Precision Boring Requirements

In modern day manufacturing, precision is essential. Boring operations require tolerances on highly valuable component parts to accuracy of just a few microns, 1000th of a millimeter, or 0.001mm.

Whilst the demand for precision boring has vastly accelerated in recent times, the technology used to adjust boring tools is largely unchanged in the last 50 years.

Organisations often rely on exceptionally skilled machinists or CNC operators using graduated dials to adjust boring bars to the correct size, this is often based on trial and error, risking accuracy. The CNC machine remains idle whilst this time-consuming adjustment is being made.

Surely there is a more simple, efficient and accurate way of adjusting boring bars?

There is. Introducing Rigibore’s Smartbore Technology.

Simply Boring With Smartbore

Smartbore Technology allows micron accurate changes to be made to the tool's cutting edge, replacing traditional graduated dials with a handheld digital Adjuster, revolutionising your precision boring operation.

Simply inserting the Adjuster into the mating connection on the Smartbore Cartridge allows instantaneous adjustment on operations of 16mm upwards.

This innovative system allows precision diameter changes to be monitored in process, positive and negative micron adjustments are displayed on the LCD Adjuster screen.

The cartridge is positively preloaded in the direction of the cutting force, meaning that the unit does not need to be clamped into position after adjustment. This eliminates the risk of backlash in clamping that offsets the accurate diameter change, a problem that currently affects traditional adjustments with a graduated dial.

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Superior Solutions — Smartbore Benefits

  • Precision Performance — Micron accurate adjustments guarantee operator confidence.
  • Unrivalled Accuracy — NO clamping means NO deflection in adjustment.
  • Reduced Reliance On Skilled Operators — Micron accurate changes can be made simply by skilled and semi-skilled operators using the handheld adjuster.
  • Cost Saving — Remove the risk of error associated with graduated dial systems, subsequently reducing scrap rates significantly.
  • Efficiency — Adjustments are made in the machine envelope, reducing machine downtime.

Learn how Smartbore tooling has improved machining efficiency on connection rod components in one of our success stories.

Smartbore Case Study — Connection Rods

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