Rigibore’s line boring solution affords organisations greater productivity, reduced downtime and superior component quality through simplistic cutting edge adjustment, using wireless technology.

Precision performance is a necessity in modern boring operations, machining crankshaft bearing journals are no different. The accuracy and concentricity of bores on finished components directly effects power and fuel efficiency of the engine block.

Whilst organisations processes are adapted to meet precision tolerance requirements in line boring operations, often costs and process speeds are sacrificed with lengthy tool downtime leading to poor productivity levels.

Rigibore’s line boring solution incorporates all the benefits associated with precision manufacturing, whilst optimising tool efficiency and harvesting a productive manufacturing operation by incorporating ActiveEdge technology.

Remote Compensation — Precision performance At Your Fingertips

During any machining cycle the boring bars cutting edge naturally wears over time, this wear can be exaggerated by temperature change and material inconsistency. As tools wear, they have a negative effect on bore accuracy, concentricity and ultimately lead to poor quality of the finished component.

ActiveEdge’s line boring solution allows micron accurate diameter changes to be made to the tools cutting edge, using wireless technology. Simply selecting the required cartridge and entering a diameter adjustment into the ActiveEdge remote control initiates an instantaneous compensation.

Application of the remote control removes the need for time-consuming manual adjustments to be made by skilled operators, providing a faster, simpler and more accurate alternative to compensating for tool wear.

See the video demonstration attached below for Rigibore’s line boring capabilities:

Productive Precision

An ActiveEdge line bar is designed with 5 semi-finish cartridges which are backed off by 0.1mm from 5 ActiveEdge cartridges which are used to finish the bore. This design allows all journals to be machined simultaneously.

Each ActiveEdge cartridges is independently adjustable, extending or retracting based on the command from the remote control. By only moving a very small part of the tool (insert) this overcomes the potential for imbalances that may occur in the system.

This solution maximises insert life. Once the tool has been accurately set, changes can be made to the cutting edge as the insert wears in process, allowing operators to run the tool for as long as possible before insert replacement.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduced Cycle Time In Operations — Application of the ActiveEdge remote control allows precision cutting edge changes without removal from the machine carousel.
  • Improved Process Speeds — Simultaneous manufacturing creates a more streamlined operation, improving process speeds.
  • Improved Bore Quality — Micron accurate adjustments were enabled at the push of a button, this allowed operators of all skill and experience levels to meet precision tolerances.
  • Health and Safety — Changes are made without an operator entering the machine spindle, removing the risk of injury.
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