Rigibore will be showcasing its Industry 4.0 capabilities at this year’s MACH exhibition, with a live demonstration of its automated solution for the production of micron accurate bores.

Advantage Through Automation — Rigibore’s Zenith

On the stand of our primary UK distributor Fenn Tool (H20-630), Rigibore will integrate an ActiveEdge boring bar with in-process gauging onto an XYZ machine, demonstrating how bore sizes are monitored and adjusted automatically. This process is known as Rigibore’s Zenith solution.

This closed-loop boring process can compensate for insert wear, temperature change and material inconsistency without the need for operator intervention, and with minimal machine downtime.

MACH 2018 provides the perfect platform to outline the Zenith’s capabilities, eliminating scrap and allowing organisations to meet precise tolerances and production targets in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Digital Excellence With Smartbore Technology

Also on display at this year’s show is Rigibore’s Smartbore technology. This patented design allows fast, simple cutting-edge adjustments using the Smartbore Digital Adjuster to an accuracy of 0.001mm.

The Smartbore’s rigid, zero backlash design offers unparalleled operational benefits. The preloaded adjustment system means no clamping or unclamping. This unique design ensures that micron accuracy is maintained, and adjustment errors caused in traditional clamping operations are eliminated.

Smartbore technology is available through three different designs to suit the requirements of a manufacturers application:

  • Smartbore Cartridge (16mm upwards) — Up to seven Smartbore precision finishing cartridges can be adjusted without removal from the machine spindle.
  • Smartbore Nano (0.5-16mm) — This fine boring head specialises in small hole boring operations.
  • Smartbore Plus (15-68mm) — Allows a range of sizes to be covered quickly and accurately through use of both coarse and digital fine adjustment.

The Specialist In Specials - Rigibore’s Engineering Solutions

In addition to our flagship designs for Smartbore and ActiveEdge technology, Rigibore will also illustrate how bespoke tooling designs can optimise productivity, improve part quality and reduce tooling costs.

Rigibore designs tools with multiple features on just a single bar, machining multiple critical diameters simultaneously, or in just “one shot”.

In-house design software RADS allows the creation of almost unlimited boring solutions, including overturning tools, backboring tools, line boring bars and eccentric boring bars.

To find out more, visit Rigibore at MACH 2018, Hall H20-630 (Fenn Tool) or contact us via email at info@rigibore.com.

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