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Modern day manufacturers understand that to meet increasing productivity demands placed on them by customers, time is everything.

In order to stay ahead of competition in this rapidly advancing digital age, organisations must seek superior solutions that optimise process efficiency and keep non-productive time in the operation to a minimum.

Rigibore’s revolutionary Industry 4.0 solution provides the answer, allowing manufacturers to change a worn insert without removing the tool whilst guaranteeing complete accuracy. This solution is known as Rigibore’s Zenith Solution.

What Is Zenith?

Zenith is Rigibore’s automated solution for production of micron accurate bores.

The Zenith system integrates ActiveEdge tools with in-process measurement which enables machine controls to monitor bore sizes and adjust automatically to stay within a specified tolerance.

Insert Change Process

Rigibore's Zenith solution allows a worn insert to be replaced and verified at nominal tolerance without removal from the machine.

Rigibore provides a subprogram (insert reset cycle) which ensures precision accuracy of the cutting edge, removing the need for changing an insert on the presetter.

The insert reset cycle automatically backs off the tool to take a test cut, probes the bore and adjusts up with micron accuracy to produce the next bore at nominal size.

This solution minimises cycle time, allowing an insert change in the machine without the need for removal and setting on the presetter. This process also certifies part quality, removing the risk of error when conducting a manual insert change.

Try this solution for FREE

Experience all the benefits of automation without any risk.

Payment for this solution can be made after a successful one month trial period within normal trading terms or in monthly instalments over a six month period after installation and initial prove out. This allows customers to pay for the tool(s) while Zenith generates a return on investment (ROI).

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