New! Zenith & ActiveEdge is now available on up to 12 monthly payments! Allow the savings to pay for your investment.

ActiveEdge offers simple and precise wireless adjustment, allowing micron accurate diameter changes at the push of a button.

Entering a compensation amount into the ActiveEdge Remote Control initiates an adjustment of up to seven ActiveEdge cartridges on a single tool, using wireless transmission.

ActiveEdge enables machine operators to meet critical tolerances without removing the tool from the machining envelope, reducing spindle downtime, meeting precise tolerance requirements and improving operator safety.

ActiveEdge Solutions

Rigibore's ActiveEdge tooling is available in several configurations to meet the needs of your application.

For maximum benefit and return on investment, ActiveEdge tooling can be integrated with in-process measurement to adjust automatically, as part of a closed-loop boring operation. Learn more about Rigibore’s Zenith Solution.


25–275mm (.984–10.827") Tools

Single point or in combination with standard semi-finish chamfer cartridges


275–1020mm (10.827–40.157") Nexus

Micron accurate wireless adjustment on large diameter finish boring

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Line Boring

25mm (.984") – any size Line Boring

Up to seven ActiveEdge precision cartridges can be independently adjusted

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Remote Adjustment Process

Enter tool's unique ID number and adjustment amount in microns into the Remote Control.
Adjustment data transfer occurs through wireless radio transmission.
ActiveEdge cartridge(s) adjust to the required diameter.

ActiveEdge tooling can be integrated with in-process gauging to produce micron accurate bores as part of a fully automated solution.

Rigibore's Zenith

Benefits of ActiveEdge Technology & Wireless Adjustment

Micron Accuracy
Calibrated position sensing of the cutting edge ensures perfect tool sizing.
Reduced Cycle Time
Micron accurate adjustments can be made without having to stop the manufacturing process.
Health and Safety Benefits
Tool adjustments are made without the operator entering the machine.
Simplicity In Adjustment
Precise tolerances can be achieved by operators of all skill and experience levels.

ActiveEdge Cartridges

Adjustment and sensing technologies are built into each ActiveEdge cartridge. This allows Rigibore to design and manufacture tools with up to seven cartridges; each one with the ability to be independently controlled by wireless command.

Each precision cartridge can be adjusted to an accuracy of one micron on diameter over a range of 0.6mm (.024").

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Compensate Tools
Tools can be adjusted by simply entering the tool ID and compensation amount into the wireless Remote Control handset.
Tool Check
Check the tool status to confirm the battery level and available adjustment range.
Shut Down Tools
Completely switching off the tool when not in use will extend the 2-3 month battery life.
Cartridge Calibration
The internal SD card contains cartridge calibration data for all cartridges. Uploading the correct calibration information to the tool can be done directly from the handset.
Tool Usage Information
Access the tool memory to provide lifetime usage data.
Activity Log
The SD card contains an activity log that records all operations performed with the handset.


  • What is the adjustment range?

    0.3 mm on radius. ActiveEdge tool pocket heights are set so that cartridge adjustment is between 33% and 50% at nominal. This ensures that sufficient range is available to compensate for physical and environmental factors.

  • What style of inserts are used?

    All our products take ISO standard inserts. ActiveEdge cartridges support TC..11 and CC..06 inserts.

  • How long do the batteries last?

    In continuous (24/7) use, approximately 330 x 200 micron adjustments can be performed. In practice, battery life is very much dependent on the manufacturing process.

  • Can tool battery life be extended?

    An ActiveEdge tool can be switched off completely when not in constant use. A shutdown command can be sent using a Remote Control, ActiveNet or from the machine control by running a Rigibore macro. It can be switched on again by pressing the silver pressure switch on the tool yoke.

  • How accurate is the adjustment?

    Each ActiveEdge cartridge is calibrated using equipment with a resolution of one tenth of a micron, in a known state of calibration. The cartridge is supplied with unique calibration data that ensures precise adjustments down to one micron on diameter.

ActiveEdge is available now to suit your application, please send us an enquiry or call +1 262-363-3922 to order.

ActiveEdge Demo

ActiveEdge Maintenance & Operating How To

ActiveEdge Technical Documents

Description Date Link
Cartridge Maintenance and Replacement
Cartridge calibration file library HandyCDF.dbf 8th Sep 2022 20:26 77.84 kb Download
Cartridge maintenance instructions AE030_AE_Tool_Maintenance.pdf 1st Oct 2020 11:57 960.82 kb Download
Cartridge replacement procedure AE014_Cartridge_Replacement_Procedure.pdf 24th Sep 2020 10:42 785.61 kb Download
Recommended lubricant information CastrolLongtimePD2Data.pdf 6th Sep 2013 13:22 264.77 kb Download
Tool Maintenance
Tool Battery Information AET037_Tool_battery_information.pdf 20th Sep 2018 08:05 88.73 kb Download
Battery replacement procedure AE022_Battery_Replacement.pdf 25th Feb 2020 14:32 208.72 kb Download
Safe procedure for storing used batteries AE039_Safe-Procedure-Storing-Used-Batteries.pdf 18th Jul 2014 14:14 154.67 kb Download
Remote Control user guide (EN) AE043_Remote_Control_User_Guide.pdf 10th Jan 2018 16:16 125.33 kb Download
Remote Control user guide (DE) AE043_Fernbediehnung_Gebrauchsanweisung.pdf 20th Sep 2018 08:05 144.42 kb Download
ActiveNet user guide AE021_ActiveNet_Instructions.pdf 8th Dec 2020 16:34 739.76 kb Download
CNC macro descriptions AE033_AE_Macro_Descriptions.pdf 1st Feb 2016 16:36 75.66 kb Download
CNC macro status codes and recovery procedures AE018_Status_Codes_and_Recovery_Procedures.pdf 27th Jan 2021 12:07 282.07 kb Download
SPC macro description (Siemens) AE040_Macro_Description_L8503.pdf 30th Nov 2016 22:34 94.19 kb Download
SPC macro description (Fanuc) AE040_Macro_Description_O8503.pdf 2nd Nov 2020 13:53 129.41 kb Download
Downloadable Software
ActiveNet PC software ActiveNet_Setup.exe 27th Jan 2021 14:31 4.63 mb Download

ActiveEdge Tool Features

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Rigibore ActiveEdge component diagram, hover over sections to reveal details

Tool Shank

The tool can be made with any taper, spindle connection or adapter to suit the customer's machine requirements.

The tool is a custom-built special, designed using Rigibore's RADS software, and can be supplied in 3-4 weeks. Tools are engineered for the specific application, and typically balanced to G2.5 to ensure accuracy and rigidity in cut. Chamfer tools, semi-finishing cartridges and up to 4 finish bores can be completed with one tool.

ActiveEdge Control Yoke

The Yoke contains the batteries and radio hardware that allow the tool to be adjusted remotely. With ActiveEdge there is no required modification to the spindle or machine, this means that the tool can be adjusted in the carousel, at the presetter or if required, in the spindle.

Sealed with an 'O' ring the tool yoke is protected against coolant ingress.

Replaceable Batteries

The two 6v batteries power the radio communication and actuation of the mechanism in the cartridge.

Batteries last around 2-3 months of standard use in a production environment. System warnings are given when they need changing.

ActiveEdge Cartridges

This user replaceable cartridge contains the drive mechanism, calibrated measurement device and adjusting slide, with the capability to move the cutting edge 1 micron on diameter.

ActiveEdge Cartridges supports Standard ISO Inserts CC..06, TC..11 and CP04 Inserts.

Upto 4 cartridges can be individually adjusted on one tool assembly.

Through Coolant

The cartridge is capable of supporting through coolant up to 80 bar. Coolant is supplied through the cartridge directly to the cutting edge of the insert.

ActiveEdge Cartridge Slide

The pretensioned slide mechanism has no measurable backlash. This is the only radial moving part of the assembly so adjustment has no negative impact on the tools balance.

Grease Nipple

The maintenance of the cartridge is limited to regularly flushing the mechanism with grease through a supplied grease gun. This prevents contamination and ensures perfect results from the accurate internal mechanism.

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